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Sarah Butler is a New Brunswick-native actor, dancer, and singer, who is now based in Toronto. In addition to performing, Sarah loves giving back to the community and teaches dance, acting, and musical theatre classes at several studios and schools throughout the city. Following a recent audition technique workshop with the Actors Foundry, founder Matthew Harrison said of Sarah: “You totally popped electrically. So smart, so fast, so witty. Crazy switches. The switches in the scene were crazy good. With total deadpan humor. A young Debra Winger.”

Most Recent Projects:

PAL/Firearms Safety Certification at Rapier Wit

Rocketbaby at the Toronto Fringe Festival

In The Room Workshop with Matthew Harrison and Jon Comerford

Johnny Belinda with Smile Theatre

Warehouse 13 Series Finale

For more information about Sarah, have a look around and be sure to check back for new posts and photos. Thank you for visiting sarahbutler.ca!